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Mark Bucknall

Mark Bucknall


Ever since i was a child I saw life differently to my family and friends around me, I used to spend a lot of my time on my own, though i was never really on my own but others could not see that, i tried to explain things, though they did not quiet understand and thought it was my imagination and eventually i just kept things to myself but knew in myself what I was seeing and hearing is real.

As time went by and even to this day i am still not on my own, i have friends around me in our world as well as in spirit, i was guided by spirit to see a lady called Georgina many years ago, i did not really understand and what to expect because i did not know i was a medium and she helped clarify everything for me and from then on my life made sense of what I was seeing and hearing all these years.

So I decided to take this further and sat in many groups and with training on how to deliver messages from the spirit to an audience as well as doing private sittings so i am able to work with spirit to help give messages to people. Though spirit world sees & feels & hears us in all sorts of ways, we are taught by spirit in many ways to use our senses to work with them as we are always evolving and growing, how i read for one person, maybe different to the next. We are all different in how we work, yet aim to deliver what we get from spirit to help bring truth and healing.