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Lee Knowles

Lee Knowles


Ever since I was young, I guess since maybe the age of 4 or 5, I had a massive interest in numbers.

This would range from counting houses in our road, to counting, then adding up, the number plates of vehicles on my way to places.

I discovered that when I added them, I would come up with a single number, and dependent on the number this would determine what the day would be like.

Odd numbers are 'better' days than even~

Odd low numbers are better than odd high numbers.

I could even count the hits (strikes) or verbal (swear words)that I would receive from my parents.

As I grew up I played dice games...the more dice the better...different-sided (unconventional) dice were fantastic...

When I left home I went searching for an answer to my numbers and beliefs. I searched within religion, initially in books, and then went to places of worship, though none of them answered my questions...

I then met my beautiful wife, and put my searching on hold, in order to raise my children etc.

Then I met Rev-Ted, and it was like a bolt of light hit me square in the face...

This man had the answer, Angelic Healing, and after an amazing afternoon chatting, we answered what my affinity with numbers was, and how I could use the Angelic gift of seeing numbers to heal people.

Now thats what I do to help people.


Please refer to Rev-Ted Woodroffe, Emma Barry-Knowles, Nicola Harwood for testimonials.


Note from Rev-Ted:~

This man is something of a phenomenon.

If you get the opportunity to engage with him, and receive his blessed method of healing, please do so.

He is currently working under my tutorship, while we await guidance as to which specific 'banner' he will work under (if there 'is' such a banner for this man!)