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John David Parker

John David Parker


I have worked as a songwriter and music producer for 20 years. Most of that time in Germany. I am the owner of approximately 40 platinum, gold and silver records. In 1983 I was No1 in the USA with an Irvine Berlin song (Puttin’ on the Ritz), which I rearranged and produced with the artist Taco. It feels almost like a past life and I do not miss it.

I have been involved in spiritual work for over 20 years. I came back to England in 1993 with Monika, our daughter Tanja and son Timothy. We (Monika & I) started spiritual healing and also joined a meditation group in East Yorkshire in 1994, which sat for physical medium-ship. Then one evening the main medium was ill and I was asked to sit in the corner and that’s when Calling Bear (a Lakota Sioux Shaman) introduced himself. Now, after many years of sitting different guides have followed suite, including Isaak a Jewish rabbi, who passed to the spirit world 2000 years ago. There is a new one on his way.

I felt I should show my medium-ship to prove that there is life after death. I had written a few spiritual songs and whilst in meditation one day Spirit said “call it ’Song and Trance’ “ . I am available when required for workshops or groups 10 or more.

In 2003 we travelled to Abadiania in Brazil to see John of God and also sat in the current room at the Casa. This was an amazing journey. We saw him again in Vienna in 2011.

We started a group of healers who lay hands every Friday from 2:00-4:00pm at the Town Hall, Newbegin in Hornsea. We have grown to 13 altogether. We are all members of the LDHA. Everyone is welcome. If you wish to have healing, or become a healer, then just pop in and have a chat and collect an application form.



Mob: +447795202051