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Rev. Ted Woodroffe Profile

Rev. Ted Woodroffe

Rev. Ted Woodroffe


***Reiki Master ***
*** Spiritual Healer, Psychic, Trance-Medium, Psychic Surgeon, Clairvoyant***

I have a gift ~ a very powerful gift, to heal

This gift allows me to help with many various ailments

This is not a 'replacement' for conventional medicine, and if you are under a doctor I expect you continue to visit your doctor, as I would expect you to continue on medication or any hospital treatment

However my gift works! Through my hands, to you, it works!

Fully Professionally trained, certificated, and insured.

I can come to you, or you can come to Littlestone-on-Sea
or Hertfordshire (North London).

As part of the Professional requirements of such 'treatment', all I do require is,
that you have a husband/wife/partner/friend present if come to you~
Or you can be offered a dual appointment with me and my partner.

Worth considering; it works, is very powerful (in a natural gentle way).


Having had Reiki once or twice previously, I am aware of how powerful this natural treatment can be when practised deeply, authentically and properly.

I have to say Ted released a lot of tension, stress and pain immediately.
Additionally, his treatment continued to work for many days after.

What was most beneficial and assuring, was the constant informing and explaining of what was happening in the session, which helped me to gain an awareness and mental picture, something that was missing from previous Reiki treatments.

Thank you Ted. My back pain is still subsiding thanks to you!

Jan G. 25/08/2011

Jo P. (October 2011)

Ted is a very honest & genuine guy.
His readings are amazing, full of depth & accuracy.
Ted's Reiki Healing is something you shouldn’t miss out on !!!
Powerful warmth energy, that goes to where ever your body needs it.
spiritual, emotional, physical, gentle, light and refreshing energy leaving you ready for the week ahead.
Category: Reading / Reiki Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Ted worked his magic on me. I was in so much pain with arthritis in both feet. He also did the same for my carpal tunnel problem and the relief was instant in both cases.  I will always be grateful after having pain for so long

June O'Neill

I have suffered with chronic stomach acid for many years.  After Ted's session the coughing and choking was eliminated.  What a relief after suffering for so many years.  Highly recommended.

Tony O'Neill